Improve your customer's experience with Touch

The Touch System Platform puts your customers first and reduces your costs.

We help over 100,000 businesses in over 130 countries transact securely

Businesses trust us with their payment security, fraud and compliance

The right Touch

The Touch System Platform provides full omni channel capability and is adaptable and easy to use.

The intuitive nature of the interface ensures a great user experience for customers and retailers.

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    The Touch System Platform gives you instant access to all payment services.

    Mony Payments, created by Touchcorp, is a full service payments provider that, once integrated with a webstore, will enable acceptance of Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards. Mony covers all the steps involved in the payment transaction, therefore there is no need to involve separate payment gateways and therefore reduce costs involved. Check out Mony Payments here

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    Our fraud protection system analyses all transactions in real-time.

    We examine all the details of a transaction and determine if they are authorised to make a payment using the payment option they have selected. Touch’s fraud protection system applies proprietary technology to ensure that the transaction undertaken is legitimate and that payments made are appropriately authorised.

Our secure platform takes care of the security fraud and compliance

Secure. Reliable. Globally accessible.

Touch technology helps your business provide an exceptional customer experience evidenced by industry leading NPS.

How businesses use Touch technology

  • "The Afterpay concept is simple for consumers to understand and for merchants to implement, but the underlying technology and platform is anything but simple. Touchcorp has built a fast, secure and scalable real-time system for Afterpay."

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    Nick Molnar

    Managing Director and Co-founder of Afterpay

  • "Through Touch, 7-Eleven is able to access all necessary technical tools to rapidly bring products and services to market. The collaboration of 7-Eleven's forward thinking executives and Touch's engineers ensures wonderful service in the shortest time, at the lowest cost."

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    Adrian Cleeve

    CEO of Touchcorp

  • "Touch’s demonstrated ability to rapidly develop, customise and deploy an online payment system while meeting Cornèr Bank’s customer experience objectives under very tight timeframes was essential to the current project’s success."

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    Davide Rigamonti

    Head of Marketing and Distribution Head at Cornèr Bank

Optus’ use of Touch’s services has resulted in important savings to the Optus business.

Touch and Optus worked strategically together to innovate and grow Optus’s online business from 9% to 55%+ of revenue, with the introduction of new payment options, promotions and initiatives to migrate customers.

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