8 November 2016

Company Announcement about Managing Director Adrian Cleeve

It is with tremendous sadness that Touchcorp advises of the passing of Adrian Cleeve, our founder, Managing Director and esteemed leader.

Adrian and his brother Keith co-founded Touchcorp almost 20 years ago. Since then the Company has, under Adrian’s stewardship, grown to employ over 100 staff, achieved a listing on the ASX, and increased its geographical operational footprint across Europe and Asia.

Adrian was a charismatic leader who engendered deep respect from those within the organisation and Touchcorp’s stakeholder community.

He will be dearly remembered for his relentless energy, good humour, inspirational leadership and creativity.

We have lost a respected leader, a dedicated director and a loyal friend. Adrian was a true visionary whose unparalleled dedication and relentless commitment enabled him to accomplish significant personal and business goals. His strategic vision was to grow Touchcorp into a leading edge technology company. He has been successful in implementing this vision, initially by steering Touchcorp through its remarkable growth trajectory and recently by listing Touchcorp on the ASX. Our pride in Adrian’s personal and professional achievements is immeasurable.

We will honour his life and legacy by continuing the implementation of his professional vision, upholding the consummate work ethic that he has imbued within us, and driving the business with the high standards that he has set by his own example.

We will greatly miss Adrian.